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  • WordPress Auto Poster  v.1.00WordPress Auto Poster has been designed for one purpose, to automatically source and then post relevant articles to your WordPress blog. Utilising a number of free sources of articles WordPress Auto Poster matches content to a specified list of ...
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  • Cute Backpage Poster  v. FREE advertisements on a seriously popular classified site Backpage!
  • Osiris for Mac OS  v.3.2Usenet Auto-Poster for Thoth or MT-Newswatcher. - Drag & drop folders onto Osiris - Supports both Thoth and MT-NW - Supports multiple news servers - Supports multiple personalities - Can randomize body text - Simple to use and gets the job done - ...
  • Craigslist_Bot_Pro  v.1CL Bot Pro offers user a complete Craigslist marketing software solution.
  • CLAD Genius  v.1.0B1955Top Auto posting ad software. Utilize this tool to manage, market, and advertise your campaigns to Craigslist, Backpage, Ebay Classifieds (Kijiji) and much more. Utilize the fully functional demo to start you ad posting campaigns today. Try free now!
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  • CraigsList Commander  v. auto post to multiple craigslist cities and categories with a few clicks.
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